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    With the growing craze, Justin Bieber party supplies have become a high demand item for those tween parties. If you have a daughter, you may have grown tired of hearing about the Bieber Fever, and throwing the perfect themed party will delight every girl attending.
    If you don't already know, any Bieber party has to have a blue and purple theme - after all, those are his favorite colors. Whether it's the plates, napkins or hanging decorations, make sure to honor his favorite color themes. This is easy to do when purchasing the themed decorations.
    When taking inventory of your Justin Bieber party supplies, you will want to have the theme going from the get go. While you can order traditional Bieber invites, you could also get creative and print out "tickets" or purchase the new backstage passes for admission to see Justin himself. This will create a sense of excitement well ahead of the party.
    Every tweenager probably knows all the details of Bieber's life, but to find out just how much you can create a trivia game. Have questions and answers ready with the small facts as well as the big themes they will all know. Have a nice prize for the winner, such as a Bieber T-shirt. Many of these facts are available online.
    When purchasing your Justin Bieber party supplies, you might want to consider having a life-sized Bieber stand-up near the entrance for the girls. This can be used creatively for games, or to take photos of the girls standing near the icon. You can use the photos to make up thank you cards for guests and mail them out as a sweet reminder of their good time.
    You will also want to make sure that your girls have all the plates, napkins and cups to keep the theme going. Include this along with a Justin cake - and maybe a few of his favorite snacks,
    When telling the girls goodbye, you want to give them a nice gift bag. You can fill it with themed items, such as a sheet of tattoos, stickers, sillybandz, or straws with his picture. Those who don't want to stop and fill bags can purchase one of the Justin Bieber Party favor boxes available. These may contain items such as body glitter, a bracelet, lollipop and nail polish.
    If your daughter's birthday coordinates with the release of the new Justin movie "Never Say Never", consider having a movie party, which saves the expense of a traditional party. All the girls can attend the movie theater, and have a quick slice of cake afterward for a fun day.

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